A few Sundays ago, the paper printed a large endorsement of Obamacare on the Editorial Page. You went on at great length to extol the virtues of this new health care system, but you failed to bring up the one major factor that will now destroy the budgets of families all across this nation. The missing item was the huge increases that currently insured persons and families will endure as a result of this horrendous bill.

This point was brought home to our house recently when we found out that our premiums for next year will go up 125 percent. Our deductible will rise 350 percent and our overall coverage will be less.

My wife and I are thankfully in good health, but even a mild illness will now hit the checkbook hard as the new deductibles are very high. I can’t imagine how younger families with children can survive these costs. Our government has failed the nation on this issue, and your support of this tragic system does not show due diligence in your reporting or editorial judgment.

Dan HenyanWaterville

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