Everyone else has had a turn, so now I believe I will take mine. I am offended. Nothing new there, these days everyone works hard at being offended, mostly because of the complete lack of anything making any sense coming from either state or federal government.

Ken Fredette proposes a bill to have people look for work before we just hand them a check. That seems reasonable, unless you are the Democratic leadership. They think it is an obstacle to getting money for the poor. Since it is my money they are handing out, I don’t mind if they ask these deserving souls if they could just try to find a job. Just try. Not much effort, just try.

Farther down Interstate 95, we will find Washington, D.C. — another sad excuse for government. When more voters than not get some kind of government help, as we saw with the shutdown, they are not likely to vote for the party that is trying to slow down the money flow. Hence all the bad PR for the GOP.

It becomes a self-sustaining cycle. The politicians offer free assistance, people elect them, rinse and repeat. We also will need to keep a huge payroll to keep track of the billions we give away. More money. This all from a government that does not produce money, it just redistributes ours. The only jobs created are ones to continue the cycle.

We should try something new this year: Vote as if the money is coming straight out of our wallets, because it is. If we want government that just keeps taking our money and gives it to people who won’t even try to get a job while producing nothing but more tax bills, then we should continue on the road we are currently on. But I am planning on changes.

Jay McDougalHartland

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