I have never seen children’s truancy from school addressed, therefore I will open the can of worms.

I am a parent who already has been taken to court by the school system in Augusta because one of my girls missed too much school. Not only did this infuriate me, but I kept asking myself where is the lesson in this for my daughter? I did my time in school and graduated from Cony High School.

I realize Maine law states we are responsible as parents for our children until they are 18, but I think that when it comes to truancy, the children should step up and take responsibility for their own truancy.

Instead of fining parents, fine the kids and make them work it off doing community service. If it ends up going so far as looking at jail time, give them a night in jail. They need to learn, not us; we took our education seriously.

I know life is crappy at times, but that’s life. These kids today need to pull it together, push forward and make something of themselves, and the parents need to stop being punished for the actions of their kids.

Arlita WebberAugusta

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