When people come up missing, where does the family turn for help? Their local sheriffs department, like my parents did when my brother never came home from a walk with his dog.

Do they deserve the hostile, arrogance attitude from a deputy? That’s what my family got from the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department deputy. On their night in need, this deputy came out, with an attitude, and didn’t seem to care about my brother being missing. His “search” was to drive up the road and back. He never even called in the game warden.

My brother had medical issues, but he still didn’t see any reason for concern about my brother or the family. If this deputy would have mounted a real search, would my brother be alive today?

When my brother didn’t come home, they should have beeen out searching early the next morning, but they didn’t. My mother and young sister took it upon themselves to look for my brother; they found his body along the roadside a mile from the house. Where was the help? Where was this man of the law or his comrades?

There needs to be outside help, people who will get involved and step up to the plate to look and help families. Shame on Somerset County Sheriff’s Department.

Bryan T. NelsonPittsfield

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