My father’s definition of insurance was: “You pay for a promise, they probably will not keep.” As I probe the depths of the health care insurance offered, my choice is bankruptcy whether I buy or not.

Imagine a health care system where the costs are known beforehand. We praise competition in every field except health care, a field where efficacy is only second to profit.

How about a national registry of doctors, so we the people can know their professional reputation before they slice us open.

I treat my physician just like any other vendor; everyone else should, too. Ask for a price, when they triple it to have two co-workers watch the procedure, people should refuse to pay. Just say no.

Crooks come in all forms, some legal, some not. We should beware of the hospitals that will not give us a quote.

We should force competition, question all costs and pay cash. We may be sold into economic slavery for the benefit of paper and pill pushers but not if we refuse.

Bruce ClarkClinton

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