I have had a hard time finding any respect for the politicians in Washington, D.C., for quite some time; that goes for both parties. The one thing they have had going for them is the system of checks and balances.

Well, the Democrats blew that away after 225 years. I hope every one of those senators who voted for the “nuclear option” gets voted out of office, even Maine Sen. Angus King. All a power grab, nothing more, as though they needed more with a president who seems to change the rules of a law without a vote from the House.

I sure wish people would wake up and pay attention to the freedoms that are being taken from them. This administration has quite a record going: Fast and furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, affordable care. They have it down pat: Deny everything or lie; rally the liberal press to their defense; stonewall the release of information; destroy the evidence; blame it on low-level employees or the Republicans. They really have been working overtime on that last one.

This administration is not transparent, there is no give or take, no compromise, it is their way or no way, and they blame the Republicans, who have tried to compromise. I hope the repercussions are tremendous for their “nuclear option.” We can say we are under a dictatorship with the Democrats. Excuse the sarcasm, but they must really be proud.

Sheila GibbsWinthrop

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