On Dec. 12, a letter by Douglas Mock, “Letter writer’s reasoning interesting, unusual,” was his response to a letter written about the buffer established by Portland at the entrance of a Planned Parenthood clinic and the right to free speech.

Mock seems to have 2013 confused with the early 1700s, when women weren’t considered persons. No woman could vote, and married women were treated like slaves instead of their husband’s equal. He also seems to think the freedom of speech means we can say what we want when we want and where we want. He forgets the part about “as long as you’re not trampling on someone else’s rights.”

To my way of thinking, men shouldn’t even be in this discussion. It’s a women’s issue. The right to decide what is done to a person’s body resides solely with that person. It is nobody’s business what someone else does with her body.

Oh, by the way, who is Betsy Smith that she deserves ink space to say that she is supporting Eliot Cutler for governor. I know several people who plan to vote for Gov. Paul LePage, and they don’t have to have good and bad explained to them. Anyway, no reporters have called me for an interview to be published.

Fred DrewWest Gardiner

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