I completely agree with Fred Drew’s letter of Dec. 18, “Women alone should decide what to do with their bodies.”

I just can’t understand why the controversy about abortion is a man’s business, or why so many men gather in anger at the door of abortion clinics spewing expletives at women who often are dealing with a heartbreaking decision.

What I do understand is that while a man can enjoy sexual pleasure, he will never have to feel the terrible shock of an unwanted pregnancy or go through the stress of carrying an unwanted child. Throughout history and literature — i.e., “The Scarlet Letter” — getting pregnant has been a woman’s visible sign of having “sinned,” for which she must therefore be punished.

A man just can’t understand what it is to be a woman under these difficult circumstances. So why can’t he just be a man and take up another cause. Like gun control.

Anna Freeman, Athens

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