Tonight after shopping at the Concourse, I saw what appeared to be a kid charging my truck caught my eye. I looked in my mirror, but I did not see any kids. It was an elderly woman who had fallen to the ground.

I put my truck in park and ran to her, as did another motorist. We both tried to assess her needs. We could tell she was hurt, but she was not being vocal. The workers in the store acted quickly when we asked to dial 911. The other driver was an off-duty paramedic, who because of legal reasons chose not to give first aid. I don’t blame him for that, I thank him for caring enough to come to her aid.

As we were trying to keep the woman calm, another driver, a nurse, came on scene. As we were trying to help her, we noticed blood streaming on the sidewalk. The nurse asked for blankets and jackets to help prevent shock. The store’s workers provided their own.

The response by fire and rescue seemed slow, until the nurse demanded action based on the amount of blood.

Praise needs to be given to all of those who took time to do the right thing, the paramedic/driver, the cashiers and the nurse. My prayers to the woman who fell, I hope she is well and healthy.

Brooks Van SantWaterville

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