According to an article in this paper on Nov. 1, people who receive food stamps will see their benefits go down, and Congress has begun negotiations on further cuts. Does anyone even question the magnitude of such cuts? I noticed, however, nothing was mentioned about Congress taking any cuts to their pay or benefits. We should let them see how it would feel to get less like the most of us Americans.

It is long overdue that we the people tell all of our political leaders that enough is enough. We can’t take much more of their corruption and misuse of their positions and power. Now more than ever, all of them from the president down should take less pay and benefits, and then start doing their jobs honestly for a change.

Between the gouging oil and gas prices and our terribly corrupt government, it is no wonder that our economy has been and continues to be in disarray ever since the last Bush administration.

Now more than ever, we the people have to send a clear message to all our leaders in Washington, that message is they work for us and not the other way around. We have to take a good look at their pay and benefits and perks, and insist they better get in line with most of us Americans and that they start earning their pay, which would be a huge change in their work habits.

Ed RoweAlbion

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