Equality Maine’s continued allegiance to only Democratic Party candidates is troubling, given the broad support we received in support of gay marriage. Republicans stood with us. Independents stood with us.

Republicans and independents have counted themselves as supporters of EQME’s efforts, both past and present. All candidates should have an equal opportunity to receive an endorsement from Equality Maine, yet when it comes to endorsements for governor only one party can expect to be endorsed by Equality Maine.

That was demonstrated in the initial EQME endorsement in 2010 for Libby Mitchell, who had trouble in the polls. It’s demonstrated again in 2014 with the endorsement of Mike Michaud, who used his leadership positions to vote against gay rights many times. EQME should expect more from our leaders, even those of us who are gay.

We believe EQME should endorse strong candidates who work consistently for our cause, regardless of party affiliation, sexual orientation or the risk to their political standing. We wish Equality Maine’s board of directors had shared our view and endorsed Eliot Cutler for the strength of his character, experience, leadership abilities and his long-term support of our cause.

Dennis and Bill CorlissAugusta

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