Many of us went through difficult times during the December ice storm of 2013. It is my hope that, in spite of the hardships, we can salvage something from this event.

The best way I know to combat the negative side of this whole thing is to find something worthwhile to be grateful for. When we do, the sting of this event will not be so potent, and we will find ourselves being restored back to life the way it was for us or better. It is only in dwelling on the hardships that this storm brought with it and the fact it was at a time in our lives that we wait all year long to celebrate, that being Christmas time, that this event brought with it a stronger impact on us all.

There is the hope for better days ahead and with that the joy of counting our blessings. Be encouraged today and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and for whoever will, his name is Jesus.

June GauthierChelsea

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