Yet another day of mass confusion, anxiety and undue stress as I contact Coordinated Transportation Solutions, Kennebec Valley Community Action Program and MaineCare to complain about missed rides and missed appointments.

For people like me who already have anxiety, this is ridiculous! When is CTS going to be shut down? Obviously CTS is not working for our state.

And the rides I do get? Don’t even get me started. A few weeks ago, I had an appointment in Waterville, where I live. CTS arranged for a cab from Bangor to pick me up, take me to my appointment, wait for me and then return me home. How much did that cost the state? $152!

Yet another useless idea from Gov. Paul LePage. While he and his colleagues bank on his payroll, the needy in Maine suffer with idiotic concepts such as this. What is next?

Amy GreenwaldWaterville

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