RICHMOND — Richmond middle and high schools have announced students named to the first-trimester honor roll.


TWELFTH GRADE — Magna cum laude: Sean Bernier, Nichole Halsey, Megan Kenyon and Dustin Sullivan.

Cum laude: Collin Acord, Megan Barto, Brittany Beaulieu, Morgan Harrington, Kayla Hurley, Dakota McArthur, Haley Murphy, Katrena Oakes, Alexander Poliakoff, Jonathan Simmons, Nathan Tribbet, Edoardo Valenti and Hayley Winokurzew.

ELEVENTH GRADE — Magna cum laude: Cameron Emmons.

Cum laude: Michaela Carney, Bailey Johansen, Kelsie Obi, Travis Robbins, Gwen Tomascik, Katherine Umberhind and Charity Winokurzew.

TENTH GRADE — Magna cum laude: Nicole Knight and Julie Plummer.

Cum laude: Kelsea Anair, Logan Anair, Nicholas Anan, Katherine Bowie, Abigail Carney, Keely Dershem, Taylor Houdlette, Kyla Johansen, Kalah Patterson, Taylor Paulison, Tyler Soucy, Michael Stewart, Nathan Vintinner and Elsie Winokurzew.

NINTH GRADE — Cum laude: Kirk Alexander III, Bradley Boivin, Luke Clark, Hunter Curtis, Emily Douin, Josee Geaghan, Samuel Hadjaissa, Cassidy Harriman, Matthew Holt, Camryn Hurley, Luke Korineck, Jennifer Lorbeski, Zachary Marseglia, Meranda Martin, Cynthia Oakes, Evan Palmer, Abby Payson, Emily Rogers, Jennifer Snedeker, Katlyn Swan, Margaret Trask, Cody Tribbet and Brittany York.


EIGHTH GRADE — Cum laude: Kylee Alexander, Destiny Anair, Samantha Barnes, Brooke Dowd, Ethan Gardner, Nathan Kendrick, Noah Lebel, Molly Meagher, Jordan Perry, Nicholas Ridenour, Matthew Rines, Zachary Small, Emily Snowden, Sydney Tilton, Molly Tomascik and Olivia Winokurzew.

SEVENTH GRADE — Cum laude: Nicholas Adams, Kennedy Chandler, Mitchell Couturier, Alexander Dershem, Grace Hart, Daniel Stewart, Kristy Sullivan and Christian Wing.

SIXTH GRADE — Cum laude: Kinsey Dean, Cameron Fowler, Benjamin Gardner, Dakotah Gilpatric, Rylie Irish, Abigail Johnson, Bryanne Lancaster, Cameron Letendre, Elliot Palmer, Mallory Ruona and Justin Vachon.

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