Happy New Year to all. I hope and pray a little common sense will find its way into the minds of the people in Maine. I hope and pray the same people who are responsible for designing the Penobscot Narrows Bridge won’t engineer the proposed east-west highway.

It is quite obvious the bridge design is a warm-weather design. This is Maine.

Maine may have had several years of unusually mild winters. Well, this is a good old-fashioned Maine winter. Thank God. May kill some ticks, fleas, moths, etc. Things we never used to worry about until the winters got warm and the pesticide DDT was banned.

Well, that is another subject for another time.

This is the time for the people of Maine to put the ridiculous east-west highway project down to defeat. If allowed to continue, our tax dollars are being wasted in the planning and even more will be wasted maintaining this project. Our taxes need not be wasted on another bridge.

Ed MorrisBenton

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