As someone involved in the renewable energy industry, I know that clean energy needs a level playing field to attract new private investment. That’s why I applaud Sen. Susan Collins’ co-sponsorship of the Master Limited Partnership Parity Act, a bill that would enable new private investments in clean energy technologies including hydropower, biomass, solar, wind, geothermal and efficiency projects, advantages long enjoyed by the oil and gas industries.

Not only would the bill encourage private investment in these technologies, but it can help clean energy companies borrow at lower costs and pass those savings to consumers. And giving investors more choices would help bring parity among energy technologies.

The bill is bipartisan in the House and Senate, and hundreds of businesses, labor and environmental organizations support it.

We express our appreciation to Collins for her ongoing leadership and for supporting legislation to encourage the growth of new technologies that will benefit us all.

Jeremy PayneMaine Renewable Energy AssociationAugusta

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