I want to express my appreciation for all the men and women needed to fight an uphill battle against Mother Nature last month, especially those who gave up their Christmas to help those in need of power. Also, thanks to all those from out of state who also gave up so much to come to the aid of the people of Maine. We are forever grateful.

I also must thank the firefighters who responded in that cold weather to try to save houses, livestock and human lives. They’re always there when needed. Of course, law enforcement also played a big part during this weather emergency. Luckily, we didn’t need the National Guard for this one, but know we can always count on them should the need arise. They also helped in 1998 and in 1978.

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, as I don’t need to remind Mainers that we can always count on our neighbors in time of need. That’s what makes Maine great.

Frank SlasonSomerville

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