Attorney General Janet Mills is attacking Gov. Paul LePage yet again, as noted a recent Morning Sentinel article, (“Maine AG to LePage: Make taxpayer-funded welfare study public”).

I want readers to understand that the state of Maine’s Constitution is unusual in that the political party that controls the Legislature appoints the attorney general, the secretary of state and the treasurer. The Democrats took over the Maine Legislature in 2010 elections. And since her political appointment, Mills has spent most of her time goading our governor, much to the detriment of her doing a job as attorney general, work that actually would benefit Maine and Mainers.

Come November, we all need to be doubly sure to get rid of the Democratic majority in both houses of the Legislature. The Democrats are the ones who are responsible for Maine being in debt, something that is gobbling up more money every month from Maine’s fiscal ability. And Mills is wasting enough Maine taxpayer money all by her lawyer-ness self, nit-picking every issue she can dream up, trying to irritate the governor.

Don RobertsonLimestone

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