I love my town and love most of the people in my town, but sometimes my town does things that confuse me.

Some years ago, I was looking at my town’s website and read that my town was known for being “the sleeping little giant.” I’ve lived here all my life and had never heard that before. So I went and talked with our town’s clerk, who said it was the idea of the former town manager. I told her it was stupid, and it needed to go. It eventually did go and I thanked her.

Today my town has other little quotes that also confuse me. On my town’s stationery today it says, “Where business and government work together,” but on the sign in the middle of town it says “Crossroads of Maine.”

A few weeks ago, I rode through the town of Corinna. Coming home on Route 7, I passed a beautiful sign that said “Thank you for visiting Corinna, Crossroads of Maine.”

If that wasn’t enough, I watched the news on WABI television some days ago, and it had a wonderful program about how important Bangor was and all the dignitaries who had passed through the city over the years. The historian said he believed they came through Bangor because it was a “crossroads.” Huh?

Look here, pilgrim, there’s room in this state for only one “crossroads.”

I am certain there are more “crossroads” towns and cities out there, and I want to expose them all. A full investigation into which town or city has the rights to the word “crossroads” should be started immediately and settle this once and for all, so I can concentrate on the rest of my town’s quotes.

Mark PantermollerFairfield

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