With the winter we’re having this year, I can see why people might dismiss the concept of climate change. I can hear many of my friends and neighbors now: “Global warming? We’ve been lucky if the temperature has reached the 20s these last few weeks.”

As I write this letter on this “balmy” 0-degree day, I can appreciate their perspective. I can even see how it might be easy to write off the whole idea as propaganda or “just another theory,” without ever really studying the topic further.

The gravity of the situation, however, is such that the fate of the planet as we know it is hangs in the balance and that seems like something we could all benefit from looking into.

I am not proposing that the theories regarding the changing climate of our planet are necessarily valid or invalid. Before we consider these frigid temperatures as an indication of the contrary, however, we should do our homework. We could look into some the evidence ourselves instead of accepting or dismissing only that which is presented to us by our media sources, our colleagues and our friends. Can this cold spell be connected to global warming? Can we definitively say one way or another?

I’m not asking anyone to take any action. I only request that we take the time to learn a bit more before taking any sides. After all, doing so just might save the world.

Logan ParkerAugusta

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