I am writing in response to a letter by Frank Slason of Somerville, “Lots of help fighting uphill battle against Mother Nature” (Jan. 14). His letter was very thoughtful and I’m sure much appreciated.

Like Slason, I also was thankful to all the people he mentioned, who helped during the recent storm. But he did leave out some others who also deserve our thanks: plow truck drivers, heating oil and gas delivery people, newspaper carriers and U.S. postal carriers. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, either.

I’m a retired U.S. rural postal carrier (25 years), so I know what they go through to get the mail delivered.

Thinking back to the ice storm of 1998, I took my husband with me on a Sunday to deliver several days’ worth of mail and packages. When we got back we were wet, cold and hungry. That night he said, “Juanita, you will never have to tell me how to shovel the mailbox again! (I always used to reshovel after he was done.) I will never tell you that you need a new vehicle (cracked bumpers, full length scratches from rocks and sand in the snow banks).” It was a good experience for him.

So again, “thanks” to everyone who helped out during the storm. I’m glad I have “good neighbors” too!

Juanita BrinzowFarmingdale

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