What’s not to like about an industry that puts thousands of Maine people to work while at the same time producing clean, renewable power, reducing air pollution, and helping the state’s economy?

It’s hard to believe, but for the fourth consecutive year the LePage administration has proposed to roll back the Renewable Portfolio Standard, which encourages renewable energy and ensures that wind and solar stay competitive in Maine. This rollback must be soundly defeated again. The RPS has created thousands of jobs in Maine and helped to keep more of Maine’s energy dollars in the state.

Conversely, we should be supporting policies like L.D. 1652, An Act to Support Solar Energy Development in Maine. This bill, which is the subject of a public hearing today in Augusta, ensures that Maine invests in solar power in the coming years and sets goals for in-state solar power production by 2017, 2020, and 2030. In the strongest terms, I urge the Energy and Utilities Committee and my state representative, Mel Newendyke, R-Litchfield, to pass L.D. 1652.

Keep and preserve the Renewable Portfolio Standard and pass L.D. 1652. Let’s put the sun and Maine people to work!

George M. RogersLitchfield

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