WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center announces its second-quarter honor roll. Students from Lawrence High School, Messalonskee High School, Waterville Senior High School and Winslow High School attend the center.

Automotive collision repair — high honors: James Goodman, Robert Liberty, Cole Robinson, Tyler Schroeder, Tyler Tompkins, of LHS; Julie Steiner, of MHS; Zachary Lahneman, of WSHS; Thomas Clark and Dustin Fitch, of WHS.

Honors: Cody Cunningham, Katelyn Kent, Lucus Knox, Quinten Turcotte, of LHS; Kalib Bernatchez, Dakoda Cole, Devon Stanton Tristan Tuttle, Tristian Jennings, Caleb McEwen, of MHS; Krista Mairs, of WSHS; and Dillon Pelletier, of WHS.

Automotive technology — high honors: Patrick Gilbert and Devan Labrie, of LHS; Brandon Bickford, Tylar Cardillo and Brian Grivois, of MHS; Aidan FitzGerald, of WSHS.

Honors: Damen Bickford, Brice Garten of MHS; Austin Hartin, of WSHS.

CTE academy — high honors: Ryley O’Connell, of WSHS; and Tyler Pooler, of WHS.


Honors: Jacob Edman, Seth Lyons, of MHS; and David Maguire, of WSHS.

Construction technology — high honors: Howard Hubbard, Brice Garten and Molly Moen, of LHS; Jeffrey Joslyn and Nicholas Labun, of MHS; Cody Lyons of WSHS; Gordon Call, Patrick Mayo and Dylan Wood, of WHS.

Honors: Elijah Gagne and Dakota Witham of MHS; Keegan Cain and Dylon Richards, of WHS.

Culinary arts — high honors: AnnMarie Hannon, Kylee Loucks, Emily Mattso, Abigail Poulin and Meixuan Wu, of LHS; Aaron Bard, Sierra Clement and, Kenedy Petersen, of MHS; Victoria Brown, Justin Cash, Nathaniel Dawkins, Samantha Jamison, Rebecca Pelotte and James Rogers, of WSHS; Victoria Harvey and Rachel LaPointe, of WHS.

Honors: Jacob Edman and Seth Lyons and David Maguire, of WSHS.

Digital graphics – high honors: Vanessa Poirier, of WSHS; Ty Guerin, of WHS


Honors: Keaton Moody Lawrence, Seth Glines, of MHS; Jenna Beliveau, of WSHS.

Early Childhood Education – high honors: Chelsea Harrison, Jordyn Towers, Lawrence, Elizabeth Denis, Megan Gendreau, Kassey Kreer, Karlie Nabarowsky, Kierra Romero and Rebecca Trask, of WSHS; Mary Briggs, Sara Davis, Megan Farrell, Kendra Goldrup, Denasia Peavey and Elisa-Anne Townsend, of WHS.

Honors: Katelyn Robinson, of WSHS; Haley Small, of WHS.

Electrical Technology —high honors: Jacob Archer, Jacob Doyon, Sheridan Gustin and Kyle Howard, of MHS; Jacob Gardner, of Temple Academy; Justin Pelletier, of WSHS; Timothy Mathieu, of WHS.

Honors: Zachary Alley, Kristopher Gregory and Cody Grenier of LHS; Alisha Biddle and Zachary Douin, of MHS; Benjamin Bryant, Gavin Gogan, Holden Gray, Sebastion Longo, of WSHS.

Emergency services— high honors: Amanda Cloutier, of MHS, Hannah Allen, Sarah Cabana, Nathan Gromek, Dena Sellar and Ellen Walsh, of WSHS.


Honors: Amber Bowles, of WSHS

Information technology – high honors: Anthony Arbour, Aaron Audet, Tristan Quick, and Tylor Stevens, of LHS; Hunter Cormier, Jessica Grenier, Codey Seavey, of MHS, Evan Garbati Stanichuk, Jacob Montgomery and Michael Pratt, of WHS.

Honors: Kurtis Scott, of LHS; Joshua Fenlason, of MHS; Daniel Marchand, of WSHS; Thomas Cassidy of WHS.

Mass media communications — high honors: Jessica McLain, of LHS; Taylor Crawford, John Rohner, Holly Wentworth and Brittany Woodhead, of MHS; Miriah Casey, of WALT; Aaron Limberger, Paul Mann, Samantha Munro, Sarah Sullivan and Monica Tompkins, of WSHS; Gage Elliott, Kyle Gravel, Jordan Hachey, Quenten Kelley, Monique Sutherland and Myles Welsh, of WHS.

Medical careers — high honors: Sky Belanger, Destynee Bona-Davis, Gabrielle Dow and Jennifer Hamilton, of LHS; Carolyn Anderson, Ashley Jandreau, MacKenzie Kochis, Shelby Libby, Mikayla Libby Gilbert, Trevor Meader, Katie Peatfield, Abigail Poulin and Mercedes Roy, Hanna Turgeon, Emma Vieta, Megan Winter, of MHS; Cassandra Bartley, of WALT; Benjamin Doolan, Ciara Miller, Norma Quintanilla-Davila, Ariel Roy Ashley Sencabaugh, Kaitlyn Spaulding, Billie Stone and Kristi Yoos, of WSHS; Alice Cole, Hannah Doble, Morgan Liberty, Morgan Twitchell, of WHS.

Honors: Randee Clifford, of LHS; MaKayla Clough, of MHS; Kelly-Jo Labranche, of WSHS; Morgan Blanchard, Kacy Boutot and Joslyn Lajoie, of WHS.

Precision Machining – high honors: Parker Gidney, of WSHS; Brenden Bouchard, Zachary Simpson, of MHS; and Ty Guerin, of WHS.

Honors: Randall Richards, of LHS; Kyle Haskellof MHS; Jacob Littlefield, of WSHS; William Dutton, Thomas Hood and Justin McCausland, of WHS.

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