AUGUSTA — The Kennebec Valley Humane Society seeks a home for a six-month old kitten named Snuggles who has tested positive for a Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, commonly referred to as FIV.

FIV belongs to the same group as HIV, found in humans, but can only be transmitted from cat to cat, not to humans or other animals. “Cats like Snuggles that have FIV can lead normal life spans with love and good care. Traditionally FIV positive cats are very vulnerable in shelter environments because they are not seen as adoptable. Our goal is to break down that barrier and save the lives of more FIV positive cats by placing them with educated, loving families or individuals,” humane society Executive Director Hillary Roberts said in a news release.

FIV is transmitted much like HIV. It’s a very fragile virus that cannot survive for long outside the body, and is commonly transmitted from mothers to babies or through direct contact with blood or saliva. For most cats, the main route of infection is through bites. The virus cannot be transmitted indirectly such as on food, food dishes, clothes, shoes, or hands.

“We hope Snuggles can be an ambassador for FIV education. He’s a sweet, playful little cat very deserving of a second chance with a loving family,” Roberts said. Snuggles was born with FIV. His adoptive family will need to provide regular veterinary care and should not have other cats or only FIV positive cats.

For more information, call 626-3491 or visit

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