I was fortunate not to lose my power with this last ice storm. During the 1998 ice storm, we lost power for 14 days.

My husband worked for the town at that time, and he was not able to be at home to help out at all. The town crew was out pretty much nonstop.

I don’t know if anyone realizes what conditions these people have to work in. When it is blizzard conditions, sometimes they can’t even see the plow in front of them.

Years ago, I remember these men working more than 30 hours straight because they had no one to relieve them. During the ’98 ice storm, they had to clear trees and debris out of roads before they could get through.

Sometimes, they have had to sand some roads and hills backwards. Can you imagine going down a hill sideways in one of those big trucks? These workers have. If the road crews didn’t get out there first, then none of the rest of us would either. No one would be able to get anywhere.

I just want to thank them for their great job, and let them know they are greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank everyone — town crews, Department of Transportation, state crews, utility crews — who keeps our roads safe and our power on.

Sandy Reynolds, Vassalboro

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