Your Jan. 19 editorial “Missing out on Medicaid would be costly mistake” refers to the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

Many times since my military years in the 1960s in California, I have eagerly followed Kaiser Permanente’s contributions to health care.

At Kaiser Permanente’s inception very early in World War II, its goal was best health care for workers building Liberty ships as fast as one every six days.

There was a war going on, so there was no time for loss of manpower from injury or sickness.

Their families also received excellent health care, so the workers would not be distracted by worry of family support and worry of paying medical bills.

We may confidently rely on Kaiser’s nonpartisan finding that states that do not expand Medicaid will see their spending increase faster than those that accept federal funds in the Medicaid expansion.

Roger E. Condit, MDFarmington

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