It is no secret to anyone that I do not like dogs. I like animals, but having a dog, to me, is like having a child that never leaves the crib. It is a constant babysitting adventure that, like the word constant implies, never ends.

Even though I would not own a dog, I would never allow an animal to be abused.

I believe people should not keep pets if they cannot care for them. If a person’s pet has to suffer for people to keep themselves fed, warm or safe, they should ask for help. A pet relies on its master’s unconditional love for them to survive. After all, they cannot speak about what ails them. They trust their master to know.

I also offer a piece of advice: If a pet is out of sight, its owner should listen for traffic before calling for the pet. If a vehicle is coming, the owner should never call for their pet. The animal trusts its owner’s voice and will run to them. I have experienced this twice and hope to avoid it again.

Owners who keep a pet for their own sake may not be what is best for their friend. A person who admits he or she can’t afford the pet may save a life — the pet’s and a driver’s.

Ed MorrisBenton

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