I just read an eye-opening article in your paper. Sadly, it wasn’t for the first or last time, but this one got my attention. One of our esteemed legislators is again pushing for single-payer health care. Not the surprising part, as he was a Democrat and fond of doing things to help society as a way of life. I forgot to mention he likes doing things for society with my money.

He has no idea how the program would be implemented or paid for. I guess that seems a trivial matter to him. Just pass it anyway, we will figure it out as we go. Rather like its big brother known as Obamacare. No idea what will happen, just push the button.

Oh, he did mention at the very end of the article that a tax would likely pay for it. I don’t think he’s going to be a hero to those who work if he keep adding taxes onto taxes, which we can’t pay now. I don’t think he is looking for the working vote. He is doing as all politicians do — passing bills that will get him re-elected.

Two phrases to delete from our lexicon, common sense and public servant. Neither currently exist.

Jay McDougalHartland

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