After reading about the Legislature’s veto override for smoking cessation for welfare recipients, all I could say was: “My God! Whatever became of the tobacco settlement money the state supposedly gets?”

That money was never used for anyone who wanted to quit through the Tobacco Help Line. We have been told since Day 1 that there were not enough funds to assist in the costs for smoking cessation, yet they sure had the funds to “talk you out of smoking” (all you needed was an “Obamaphone”).

Our state politicians disgust me. They forget who pays the bills and their perks to be a state representative. It’s bad enough EBT recipients can use their cards for cash, casinos and lottery tickets. Now the middle class must pay for help to smokers when no help was offered to them.

Where is the fiscal sense in all this? I particularly took notice of words by Rep. Linda Sanborn, D-Gorham, and Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, D-Allagash. And Republicans don’t get a free pass on this, either. We saw how the veto vote went.

Mark A. HudsonWinslow

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