The recent corporate decision by CVS Pharmacy to stop the sale of tobacco products by Oct.1 is a very timely and courageous public health-business step. As a successful company promoting the sale of a wide range of health and wellness products, CVS recognized its mounting conflict with the sale of tobacco products proven to be harmful to health.

Usually, when I go to CVS, I am looking for my wife’s favorite perfume, which it seems to be the only local store selling it. Now I expect to patronize CVS more frequently.

While CVS is not the first pharmacy chain to drop tobacco products, it should be commended for public health leadership at this time.

Almost 15 years ago, Down East Pharmacy’s was the first chain in Maine to stop selling tobacco products. Mike Fiori, president of Down East at that time, made the decision.. It’s of interest to note that Fiori’s wife, Dr. Dora Mills, served as Maine’s director of public health and is a strong advocate for youth health.

As a board member of the American Lung Association for the past 30 years in the fight for lung health, I commend CVS and hope that other corporations will follow its example.

Peter DoranBelgrade

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