I am disgusted. I just watched a piece on the national news about Hillary Clinton and notes written by a friend regarding Hillary’s thoughts during the Bill Clinton scandal.

It wasn’t the content that disgusted me; it is what it is. What got to me was the smiling Republican who was licking his lips about juicey tidbits that can be used by the party to put down the Democratic candidate.

I am a registered Democrat, but I don’t care what party wins as long as the person represents the people of the United States fairly and squarely. It seems that more and more today, however, it isn’t about representing the people’s wishes but about what the party wants and holds out for it. Look at the mess they all made last year.

Oh yes, the smiling Republican head said that everything was fair game. That was followed by a comment by the newscaster that the material was being used because the Republican Party had no strong candidate.

What have we sunk to in this day and age that digging up dirt is more important than taking care of critical issues and seeing to it a right-minded person becomes our president?

On another topic, whatever happened to a single agenda bill passing on its own merits? Maybe it’s time to think that one over, too. Never mind tagging something else to the bill to get votes. Vote on the issues at hand and we can avoid more shutdowns and more burdens on we the people.

Ed WheatonPittston

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