My strong belief is that marijuana should not be legalized, to be sold at reputable markets and no harder to get than alcohol.

Marijuana is just as mind-altering as alcohol, even if the effects of a joint or two do not last as long as a couple of drinks. Why do we need to have yet another mind-altering substance, especially one whose effects can be almost as harmful to the lungs as tobacco?

Do we really need to encourage people to rely on chemical substances to feel good by legalizing another of them?

Marijuana may not be physically addictive or technically lead to use of other drugs, but I have never yet met anyone who uses drugs such as cocaine, crack, speed, LSD or heroin who did not first use pot.

Young people, especially teens and pre-teens, will get their hands on marijuana, whether we like it or not. We need to encourage them to feel good by healthier means.

Whatever happened to friends, family, sports, TV and hobbies being enough for entertainment? (Note I did not mention video games, which are also habit-forming, but a subject for later.)

I encourage others to vote against legalization of marijuana. I believe it will cause unforeseen problems. I say this from 40 years of experimentation and observation, and truly believe it is a bad idea.

Gloria Vitolo-JacobsWaterville

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