A new three-year labor agreement between Farmington police and the town will go into effect April 1, including pay increases that correspond with the cost of living.

The Maine Association of Police represents 12 employees of the department, including officers and the full-time department secretary.

Town Manager Richard Davis said Monday that changes in the contract between the town and the police union include increases in the minimum number of hours officers are compensated for making appearances, regardless of time the detail takes.

Robert Morin, representing Farmington from the Maine Police Association, could not be reached for comment Monday on the contract.

The labor agreement increases the minimum pay for court appearances from three hours to four hours, for outside appearances like at a business event from three to four hours, and for school appearances from two to three hours.

Under the new agreement, the department’s employee of the year will also get a paid day off.


The contract expires March 31, 2017.

The contract allows for raises based on the annual increase of the cost of living. This year, officers will get a 1.56 percent cost-of-living raise, which is determined each year on an average of the Consumer Price Index.

Davis said the contract also added a 1 percent floor and 3 percent ceiling that the cost of living raises must remain between.

Proposals that were not granted in negotiations include requests by the department for an increase in pay for compensation time and an increase in vacation time, said Davis. Vacation time starts at eight hours per month.

“With any negotiation, there is a give and take,” Davis said.

The approved changes to the department contract are included in a $1.19 million proposed budget, up 1.7 percent from the year before, that the Farmington selectmen will recommend to voters at the annual Town Meeting Monday, March 24.

Davis said, not including part-time employees, the police department employs 14 people. The management of the department is not part of the union.

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