CONCORD, N.H. — More than a decade after he left office and the state, former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith has returned to run for his old seat because he says too many people in Washington have no sense of urgency or vision to restore the nation to greatness.

Smith, who recently moved back to New Hampshire from Florida, is among several Republicans competing for a chance to unseat Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

He announced his campaign Tuesday, saying he has the experience, knowledge and fortitude to wrest power from Washington bureaucrats.

“If our current leaders were serious about restoring our constitutional Republic, balancing our budget, reducing our debt, strengthening our military, and setting policies to create new jobs, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” he said. “It’s about saving the United States of America.”

Smith, 72, spent three terms in the U.S. House and two in the Senate before losing the 2002 primary to John E. Sununu, who went on to win the seat.

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