Hyperbole is defined as exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. I only wish M.D. Harmon’s columns could be described as hyperbole, but he clearly does want us to take his exaggerated claims seriously.

Every column basically shouts the same thing: Obama is ruining the country, his administration is full of criminals, the Affordable Care Act is an abomination, Christianity is under attack, etc.

Do I believe that the Obama administration is flawless and can do no wrong? Absolutely not. Are there many problems our country needs to address? You bet. But politics, like real life, is full of gray areas and ambiguities that warrant more sophisticated and nuanced analysis than Harmon’s alarmist rants.

Many other columnists of all persuasions seem able to communicate their observations and critiques without yelling that the sky is falling down like Chicken Little. Maybe Harmon should put away his bullhorn for a while and acknowledge that we live in a world where everything isn’t black and white.

Keith TaylorHallowell

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