Though our state legislators have restored some of the revenue sharing money owed to municipalities, it is a partial payment, and many communities are left with making some tough decisions about public services. As we begin our town meeting season in the lower Kennebec Valley, I encourage everyone to plan on attending their local town meeting.

It is especially critical for residents living in the partner towns served by the Gardiner Public Library. Last year, folks in Litchfield, Pittston, Randolph and West Gardiner overwhelmingly voted to fully fund library services. These regional funds allow the Gardiner library the ability to serve our kids, our teens and our adults with e-books, programming for young and old, computer instruction, research materials and the ability to just get lost in a good book!

I plan to attend Pittston’s town meeting on March 15, and the West Gardiner town meeting on March 22 so that I may answer any questions about library services. I encourage residents to attend so that they also may express their opinions about library services. Town meetings are a great display of democracy in action and, often times, quite entertaining.

Anne Davis, directorGardiner Public Library

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