I hope that the planned renovations at Thayer Hospital (article, March 3, “Hospital Overhaul”) won’t follow what we were given at the new MaineGeneral Medical Center. It promised so much, but unfortunately, has delivered so much less. Patient/user friendly it is not.

From a consumer perspective, the primary beneficiaries of this “Taj Mahal” building are:

• The architects (who, undoubtedly, were paid very handsomely.)

• Insurance companies.

• Doctors, located in convenient quarters in the very spacious lobby entrance, which must be a nightmare to heat.

• And last of all — patients, but only those who have been lucky enough to have found bed space in this huge hospital.

I’m beginning to wonder if it were indeed wise to have paid the hospitals what was owed them, (morally, yes … fiscally, no) because the powers that be are not good stewards of the money given them.

May the decisions and renovations at Thayer Hospital be more prudent.

Pat TrumanHallowell

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