The proposed federal budget this year will cut 8.2 percent from Maine schools. This will mean a loss to the Augusta school system of more than $1.9 million or $824 per pupil. This budget is from a president re-elected by the majority of Maine people who, as ridiculous as it sounds, believed all the false promises he failed to deliver on in his first term.

And now Maine, with its poor economy and with one of the highest welfare population in the country, will again have to brace ourselves for increases in their taxes.

I am writing this only because there is enough blame to go all around, yet our Maine papers, owned by liberals, only want to put all the blame on the Republicans. Washington Democrats control the Senate and the presidency. Anyone paying attention sees that Harry Reid refuses to allow any Republican bills to come to the floor for a vote, bills that would be good for the American people. Instead, he keeps saying that the Republicans never offer any bills, and of course the liberal press is to pleased to print his claim, calling the Republicans obstructionist.

Paul DouinAugusta

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