After reading the newspaper on March 7, I was again saddened and appalled by yet another incident of an innocent person being killed by an apparently distracted driver.

In this day and age, distracted driving often involves texting while driving.

It only takes a second while a person is punching away at their phone to drift into the path of an innocent driver or pedestrian.

Last July, I was nearly killed three times in one week while riding my motorcycle by three different young women texting while driving. In the subsequent confrontation, one woman told me to mind my own business. Last time I knew, trying to keep alive and avoiding these knuckleheads was my business.

It’s high time the state of Maine changes the laws to make texting while driving as serious an offense as drunken driving.

If jail or prison time doesn’t apply in these cases, the punishment should involve speaking at schools to get the message across regarding the possibility of human suffering and other consequences of this behavior.

James RandAugusta

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