Duke Dulac (letter, “With three pensions, man could afford to retire,” Feb. 24) met a man in a bar in Florida. After a brief conversation, Dulac decided his newfound friend does not deserve his retirement benefits. In his mind, the man obviously hadn’t worked long enough or hard enough in the carpentry trades to get a pension.

Dulac also talked about someone with multiple EBT cards. Only dishonest people have more than one. Drug addicts sell them on the street for 50 cents on the dollar.

Honest people in financial difficulty only have one EBT card and don’t need Dulac looking over their shoulder in the checkout line.

By the way, a single person on food stamps gets $189 per month. Thirty days divided into $189 comes out to $6.30 per day — that’s all — to live on.

Gary SnowmanAugusta

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