I appreciate the Department of Transportation/Maine Turnpike folks saying at the recent meeting at Helen Thompson School that they would try to help alleviate the dangerous traffic problems near the travel plaza — even before the roundabout is built — by improving signage.

I took a photo recently of the placement of the yield sign as a driver exits Interstate 295 southbound after going through the toll (toward Brunswick). The photo was taken as I was on the ramp going toward Route 126, and about to turn right toward Litchfield. The travel plaza was across the road in front of me.

The yield sign is small and hidden behind a light post and the sign for Routes 9 & 126. This is the point in the traffic flow that is one of the most dangerous near the plaza and wouldn’t be solved by the roundabout (which I support). Many of the exiting drivers never even slow down when they exit onto Route 126, creating dangerous conditions for traffic traveling west on 126.

In Augusta, DOT or Maine Turnpike Authority installed a very large yield sign that flashes at the approach of traffic that is supposed to yield. My recommendation is that such a sign be installed at the intersection identified above. Perhaps they also should move the route number sign so it doesn’t obstruct the view of the yield sign.

Thomas AbbottWest Gardiner

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