MADISON — Police are investigating a report of fraud against the elderly in the case of a local man who ordered 60 lightbulbs from an Arizona company.

The man, whose name is not being released, ordered the lightbulbs for a price of $9.35 apiece over the phone after he was contacted by the company, according to Madison Police Chief Barry Moores.

When the bulbs arrived, the man’s son, who thought the price was too high, reported it to police for investigation, said Moores. The report was made at around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

“We can’t say it’s a fraud or a scam because they actually did get a product, but we are investigating,” Moores said. “Consumers do need to be more aware of what they are buying, especially when the sale is over the phone.”

Police advised the man to send the lightbulbs back to the company and ask for a refund. The man has returned the bulbs.

“Hopefully they will get their money back,” said Moores. “They did get a product, but is the product worth what they paid? That can be hard to say.”


The name of the company is also not being released because the case is still under investigation, said Moores.

He said he did not know the type of lightbulb, but said it came with a 10-year warranty.

According to the website for the home improvement store Lowe’s, the cost of lightbulbs can range from about $5 to $40 apiece.

“If you go to a hardware store and buy any high quality efficient lightbulb you are apt to pay 7 to 8 dollars apiece, and I think that is the best advice, to go to the hardware store and pay for lightbulbs there,” said Moores.

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