I am writing in hopes that readers of this letter will contact their state senators and representatives to support L.D. 1682, “An Act to Preserve Head Start and Child Care Services.”

At the time of writing this letter, the bill is in the Appropriations Committee, after having passed the state House and Senate. This bill would reinstate funding for Head Start services that has been cut in the past year. If the bill were to not be funded by the Appropriations Committee, then no more state funds would go toward Head Start in Maine, and hundreds of children in need would lose services.

These services help children to do well in school, stay physically and emotionally healthy, and help families to climb out of poverty.

It is crucial that Maine residents continue to have a vested interest in our youth. All children deserve to have a happy and healthy early life, and Head Start programs teach parents how to make sure that their children stay healthy. Additionally, these programs provide educational and job opportunities for parents who want to make better lives for themselves and their families. Only with the support of Maine residents will our elected officials reinstate state funding for vital Head Start programs here in Maine.

Chelsea MucciaroneReadfield

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