In reference to Gary Snowman’s letter (March 19, “Letter writer made snap judgment about pensioner”): It is not illegal to possess multiple EBT cards if one is grocery shopping for others who give permission for whatever reason, usually impaired circumstances, lack of transportation or mere convenience, or buying in bulk as a group to enhance healthy eating or to grow a sense of food community and sharing, using less gas money, too.

And that $189 monthly can be stretched so that it is worth $400 to $600 by taking advantage of buy-one-get-one-free items, discount grocers, clearance shelves, reduced racks in all departments, Friday night fish close-outs, talking to the managers for box lots, rebates, coupons, etc. The end effect is to eat high on the hog, despite being poor in other areas. Our health is our only wealth, and that’s what counts these days.

As for the Winthrop church losing its free food source, I feel for the deprived but I believe the closure is long overdue.

The era of unregulated and uninsured pantries is over because of liability issues, insurance, record-keeping requirements, tax write-offs, food sanitation and health demands, all of which are very necessary now.

George StanleyCoopers Mills

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