The Canadians may be democratic, but they are not our friends. Have you noticed how they want to run their potentially destructive projects over our soil instead of theirs?

There was no need for an Aroostook War in 1838-39, as they’ve continuously gotten their way on our soil since then.

Have you noticed how politicians always vote themselves pay raises as their creativity decreases. I know there’s a way to have it both ways, but approving the Keystone pipeline is not the way.

Where is the government’s resolve to come up with real solutions and earn that pay raise? Really, I think they should do this with less pay

I also think everyone should get the same livable wage all across the board, no matter what one does for a living. That way, people will do what they really are happy with or believe in instead of just what pays more.

We should’ve never taken the Russians at their word. Their leaders are atheistic, so they play by a different set of rules. Hopefully, we have one more chance to learn from this, before we are turned into radioactive dust.

Russell Barrios Jr.Skowhegan

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