I would like to respond to the statements made by Gary Choate in the March 29 article, “Farmingdale selectman says plowing contract needs clarification.”

He claims my company was paid extra for services included in the plowing contract. That is simply not true. As a former road commissioner, Choate knows that snow removal, opening catch basins and thawing frozen culverts have never been part of the plowing contract. When these services are required, the town hires local contractors to address the problem.

Choate also fails to mention in the article that he was one of several contractors compensated for their services.

This contract was reviewed by Maine Local Roads and any questions were clarified by the town attorney before and after the mandatory pre-bid meeting. We have complied with everything listed in the contract and for Choate to claim differently is unconscionable.

Angie EllisFarmingdale

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