The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds needs to be put to rest. The family and the public deserve to know all the circumstances.

To begin, I would like to say there is no question of the efforts put forward and the high quality of work by Waterville police and their chief, Joe Massey, as well as the efforts of state police.

But here we are, with no outcome. I guess this letter asks a question begging to be asked.

If three adults are the caregivers and responsible parties in charge of a child like Ayla, why are they not all charged at least with criminal negligence contributing to the disappearance of such a child?

If there is no law covering such a situation, which I find doubtful, the Legislature needs to draft and pass “Ayla’s Law” now. The fact that three adults could be in close quarters with a child, overnight, and the child is “gone” in the morning is highly suspect and at a minimum suggests a conspiracy which needs to be vetted through the justice system, not in demonstrations by a frustrated mother or public opinion.

It is time for three arrests and a trial to determine guilt or innocence.

Ernie Canelli IIIFairfield

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