The Central Maine Power Co. plan to charge alternative-energy households up to $25 to offset lost revenue is the wrong approach because we need to encourage the development of alternative energy sources.

Reducing our carbon footprint is only part of the story. Developing alternative energy sources is a matter of national security and important to our economy.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were waged in large part because of our need for energy. As a nation, we need to become less dependent on oil from the Middle East. Solar-powered homes and wind-powered homes are a good start.

CMP can recover its lost revenue in a simpler and fairer way. Increasing the cost of the first 100 KWH by about a nickel should recover the lost revenue from residential homes that have implemented alternative energy sources without the discouraging further development. The same approach could be used for commercial customers, as well.

This rate change will give CMP the time it needs to change its business model so that the company can properly respond to the changing energy landscape.

Peter KonieczkoAugusta

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