A power, a force, a great spirit or God, call it what you will, created this great universe. Among the billions of lesser creations is our Earth. At some point, to this Earth came a delicate balance that supported a diverse collection of life forms, including human beings.

These humans had the power to maintain this balance and even enhance conditions for all these life forms. Humans also had the power to destroy all of this beautiful creation by upsetting the balance.

Without this delicate balance, man could no longer thrive. Indeed, without the balance of creation, man would cease to even survive. Through our acts of greed and indifference, we have upset the balance.

We humans are at a crossroads. We still have the power to restore balance. The only thing we lack is the will to do so. If we fail in our endeavors, the creation of Earth and the universe will continue to exist and thrive; we will not.

We people own absolutely nothing in this universe, much less, this Earth. We are here merely as stewards. The ancients understood that. They thrived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years because of what they knew. Because we have forgotten, will we soon become forgotten?

Peter P. SiroisMadison

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