As residents of Maine, we value our environment. It provides many benefits, including economic and recreational.

We increasingly see the negative effects of climate change and warming temperatures in our everyday lives. Historically, the Gulf of Maine has been a very productive fishery.

The shrimp catch alone is valued at millions of dollars, but tragically the allowable catch size for shrimp has been decreasing steadily in recent years. We must take notice after the shrimp season was canceled this year. The effects on shrimp and other marine species will have devastating economic and cultural implications for the state.

Maine already has shown commitment to reducing emissions from plants through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. In 2012, the emissions were 45 percent below the set cap, showing carbon standards are an effective way to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The next step is national action. I support President Barack Obama’s Climate Action Plan to implement strong carbon standards for power plants.

Liz McCormack Waterville

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